Questions you must ask your dentist

There are several questions which must be asked from the dentist before the treatment. The first question should refer to the fact that how can you improve your dental health by yourself. The mouth of every person is different from the other. You may need to follow a lot more than the familiar guides of brushing after the meals. A Coral Gables dentist can provide you with this tailored information. They can tell you if you need to clean more often or to change your toothbrush, or whether you need flossing or refresher.


They can also inform you if you need to raise or lessen the fluoride intake and how quickly you need to come and the see the dentist. You should not hesitate while asking the dentists regarding the new products that you have observed in the advertisements and if they can assist you or if they are not worthy or purchase. They might even have samples which you can try.

The next question to be asked from the dentist is that what he can do which will help in improving your dental health. The dentist can assist you in optimizing the health of your mouth. But the patient should remember that the dentist will never read your mind. To give you the modern local care facilities they should be informed about the issues that you are facing no matter how minor they are. Informing the dentist regarding any abnormality, issue or pain implies that they will come up with a solution to that problem which will help in improving the daily comfort and will also assist in eliminating the bigger issues so that they will not occur again.

Another thing that you must ask your dentist is about the overall status of your dental health. You can inquire your dentist to provide you with a general examination of your mouth area; that consists of looking for any bumps or lumps which don’t belong, looking for bone density, particularly if osteoporosis is an issue or looking for inadvertent grinding of teeth. They can ensure that each and everything is in its order and be working accurately, and if it is not functioning properly, then they can start a discussion regarding the treatment choices. After that, the treatment plan is made for the patient.

Why a Healthy Body Weight is Good for You

healthy body weightA healthy body weight is good and impacts your overall health positively by lowering risks of contracting many diseases and other negative conditions.

Being overweight and obese poses higher risks and leaves you at the risk of contracting troublesome conditions like chronic heart diseases, breathing problems, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer. This goes to show the importance of maintaining the ideal body weight.

For much more practical reasons however, consider this; it improves your overall self-esteem and makes you feel so much better about yourself.

Overweight is simply having body weight that is considered higher than that of a person your height. It’s the condition of having extra amounts of body fat and is normally measured by BMI, the Body Mass Index, a number calculated by your height and weight. Generally, the higher your BMI, the more body fat you have. NOTE: It’s recommended that your consult your health care provider from time to time to check on your BMI.

But all is not lost as there is always something you can do to turn the tide and retake control of your health. Start by identifying the factors that contribute to your weight gain. Genetics and family history have been known to contribute to your health, but the key causes are the ones you can change for the better. Adopting a healthier diet and observing a physically active lifestyle are the best ways to set your overall health on a course of recovery.